Arizona Trail – Section hikes

The Arizona Trail
The Arizona National Scenic Trail is a complete non-motorized path, stretching 800 diverse miles across Arizona from Mexico to Utah. It links deserts, mountains, canyons, forests, communities and people.

Of course, living in Arizona means we’ll do sections of the Arizona Trail. More information about the Arizona Trail can be found on the association’s website: ✔ 8 passages done. 35 to go!

Passage 31  Walnut Canyon
Passage 30 – Mormon Lake.
Passage 30 – Mormon Lake.
Passage 29 – Happy Jack
Passage 29 – Happy Jack
Passage 27 – Blue Ridge.

Passage 19- Superstition Wilderness
Passage 18- Reavis Canyon

Passage 15 – Tortilla Mountains
Passage 14 – Black Hills

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