Earning an income on the road

Most people think that full-time RV’ers both have hit the jackpot and are able to travel endlessly or they’re so poor they can’t afford a mortgage. We’re neither rich nor poor. We found that living simply and exploring endlessly while earning an income is simpler than most people thinks.

How we got started…

Our decision to travel full-time in the RV was followed by months of hard work, saving and careful planning. Of course, there was the exciting part of finding our tiny home on wheels but there was also the dreaded downsizing of our belongings… But, what about earning an income? We had several options available to us.

Our final choice to move near a major city was so I could work contract graphic design jobs. Luckily Bryan’s company allowed him to work remotely. As for me, my goal is to continue to work these contracts until I find the perfect opportunity that will allow me to work remote. While we have not done any other type of work on the road, yet, these are some options for anyone thinking about doing this lifestyle.

Workamping & Seasonal Work

There are thousands of opportunities out there for folks who don’t mind getting dirty! This type of work typically will give you a discounted or free campsite in exchange of work. Some will pay you an hourly rate on top of that. Working at a campground for a season is an example. Various tasks may be required of you such as retail, maintenance, cleaning, camp hosting, entertainment and etc. This isn’t only for private campgrounds but also National Parks! Imagine waking up in Glacier National Park each day? Sounds exciting, right? Here are a few website that offers workamping and seasonal jobs for RV’ers.

  1. www.workamper.com
  2. www.coolworks.com/jobs-with-rv-spaces
  3. www.xscapers.com For the younger generation of RV’ers, like us! Depending on your skill set, there are various options out there.
Crafters and Artisans

If you’re the crafty type, opening and operating your very own Etsy shop could be an opportunity to be your own boss and do what you love. There are many craft fairs and expos around the country to keep you busy. Imagine sitting by the beach knitting away sweaters while generating income and traveling! Sounds awesome right?!

Here’s a RV’ing couple who have been running an Etsy shop to generate their income on the road. www.etsy.com/shop/thewoodenearth

I’ve started selling shirts to generate income while I am on the road and in-between work placements. I am a big advocate of our national scenic trails, or all trails really! So I’ve created shirts that promotes them. There’s also a design for all the wanderers out there who, like me, likes to explore. Have a look at my shop: https://wanderluster.threadless.com/

Computer-based work

Web developers, writers, designers, consultants, etc… are also a great way to earn an income on the road. Making the transition to work remote isn’t easy. You must be organized, focused and dedicated to be successful.

There are MANY options for earning income while on the road. All you need is the ability to embrace constant change, be flexible and you could be out there, traveling across the country, It’s all out there, waiting for you.




2 thoughts on “Earning an income on the road

  1. Tolin Hessell says:

    Hi, I’m planning to design shirts as a means of income once I get a van too! (I might even keep screenprinting equipment in my van, not sure yet) How does Threadless work, is it like Amazon Merch? Was it easy to set up? I really like your designs!! The Wander More and long distance trail designs are very simple/elegant/creative. Good work!


    • Melanie Levesque says:

      thank you! I wanted something simple and not overly cheezy. 🙂

      I’ve never worked with Amazon merch, sadly but I can tell you that Threadless was super easy to set up. The interface is easy to use and add/remove designs. Once you have the page set up, all you have to do is promote your page and respond to your customer’s questions. Threadless handles the printing/shipping/customer service… for a price! They have a price sheet on their website and they definitely take a good chunk of the profits. (If I remember right, it’s about $15 per basic shirt) That’s where having your own screenprinting equipment in your van would be awesome. Just a matter of keeping inventory or the equipment but I’ve seen it done.

      Best of luck with getting a van. It’s fun living on the road. 🙂


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